It is the ideal option that offers transparency, lightness for its maneuverability and acoustics.

Framed glass panel system, it is composed of independent modules of width between 800-1100 mm. According to site layout, supported at the top by a guide, which allows the panels to move in a unidirectional or bidirectional manner.

The upper guide is attached to a structural element and it is normally embedded in a false ceiling. The guide can be the same finish as the false ceiling or the movable panels.

The modules are made up of 12 mm (6 + 6) laminated glass, framed in aluminum profiles that serve to hide the panel drive system inside. The modules are manufactured with tongue and groove and also have neoprene magnetic strips on their sides that facilitate the handling and joining of the panels. The modules are fastened by means of a double extendable base to the ground and guide, which is operated from the edge of the panel by means of a removable crank. The last module has a lateral adjustment similar to the lower and upper one, which joins the starter module placed on the facing. The total thickness of the panels is 60 mm.

The FIMO GLASS system has laboratory certified acoustic insulation of 37 dB.

Additionally, a built-in door module can be installed in one or more of the panels.

Also additionally, the glasses can have several options, they can be treated with acid, place decorative vinyl …



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